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The Mack Institute is a Premier Content Development Firm. Umbrella companies and organizations under The Mack Institute are all represented through The Mack Institute, Inc. 

Mission: To assist entrepreneurs, corporations, speakers and authors to implement powerful content into the marketplace through in person and online training and business development and certification courses.

Hey Grindaholic!


I’m Philisha.


however, before I had any of those fancy titles.. I was lost and confused, not knowing how to show up to stand in my truth. You see I had an assignment that was placed on my life over 2 decades ago.. I spent 5 years getting the courage to say, "YES" and well the rest is HERstory!

Fast forward.. the past decade, I have been coaching men and women just like you to stand in their truth and monetize their message. I have one on one coaching, group coaching, on demand courses and a ton of free resources to serve you from my overflow. 

I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and look forward to serving you in this season.

Talk Soon.