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Business Recharged Podcast Season 3, Ep 3: Recharge Your Habits

business recharged podcast content Feb 01, 2023

 Welcome back to Business Recharged P. I can’t believe that we are kicking off Season 3 already. I am so grateful for your support and for all of your love sharing and reviewing our Podcast.


This season is fire!!!! New Guests! New Giveaways! New Content to Recharge Your Business!


For complete show notes, future guests, and brand deals/promos visit


Lets go!


We are kicking things in high gear with my first guest of the season, who by the way is my business twin in my head and just a cool guy!


Meet Michal Stawicki aka Mr. Consistency!


Michal Stawicki is a bestselling author in the personal development field and a business coach. He is obsessed with changing the world through daily habits, starting with his own habits and his world.

In the last decade, he published 19 books, sold over 84,000 copies of them, created dozens of new good habits, coached over 100 people in developing new habits, started a book advertising business, and quit his day job as a database administrator.

Michal preaches and practices consistent daily action. He believes this is the means to achieve success in any area of life, from parenting to business.


Get Social with Michal:



Link to his Free Book Just for you:


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