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Business Recharged Podcast -Season 2 is Live!!!

business recharged podcast business recharged univeristy content how to start a business podcast with dr. philish mack Jul 10, 2022
Business Recharged Podcast -Season 2

Have you ever felt as if the steps that you have been taking to build your online business leaves you feeling burnt out, lacking the results that you desire and more importantly, the opportunity to serve your community that you know is out there waiting for your genius?

Ever wish you had a coach with over a decade of experience to recharge your mindset, actionable steps and business?

That is exactly what you will get when you tune into Business Recharged Podcast, with your host Philisha Mack known to many as the queen of content.

Coach Dr. Philisha has a knack for breaking down business ideas and strategies into step by step processes that are designed to recharge your strategy, sales and business.

Tune in and move beyond motivation to get the results that you desire surrounding content marketing, list building, digital course creation, webinars and much more.

When it comes to online business coaching, Dr. Philisha is here to guide you to recharge your business today.

Listen to our Season 2 Episodes here!

Talk soon!

Coach Dr. Mack

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